Quick-fire Reviews: RHCP and Radiohead

There’s been such a lot happening in music recently that instead of my typical overblown reviews, I’ve decided to summarise a couple of the major bits of news for you.

On Red Hot Chili Peppers’ single Dark Necessities from their upcoming 2016 album The Getaway:

It’s not really a bad song, it has the quintessential 2000s Chili Peppers’ sound to it, with some introspective lyrics and a chorus that improves every time I listen to it, however it’s nothing outstanding.

Also, nice to see people pointing out Flea’s bass line is similar to Can’t Stop.

About time, because 90% of his bass lines sound incredibly similar to each other.

On Radiohead’s Burn The Witch, Daydreaming (singles) and A Moon Shaped Pool (Album):

Single art for Burn The Witch (XL Recordings)

After the most perfect piece of marketing to send the internet into complete shock (granted, one Manchester United forward Memphis Depay used a similar strategy amongst rumours of unrest – deleting all Instagram photos of himself in club attire, as well as unfollowing all of his teammates before posting a montage of himself in the iconic red kit – filling his recent posts with an epic self portrait and quashing the rumours), Radiohead dropped the single Burn The Witch.

Burn The Witch is gloomy, it’s eerie, it’s orchestral, it’s quite magnificent. It broods in the way only Thom Yorke can make a song brood, and the choice of it as a lead single is quite a stroke or genius. It harkens back to the bands 1999/2000 works, their prime if you will, leaving people excited for the (very short) wait for the full record.

The video is also a trippy, slightly demonic Wallace and Gromit short of sorts. Just as dark though, remember the pie killer?

Daydreaming is again a wonderful, slowly moving piano ballad. Well, as much of a piano ballad as Radiohead can release without uproar. Yorke is back to his wailing best, the strange recording techniques are talking in backwards tones and the six and a bit minutes fly by.

They still got it, even if Thom is walking through dozens of doors to get there.

A Moon Shaped Pool is too expensive for me to afford right now, but I’m going to assume it’s good from what I’ve heard from it.

Sorry Folks

That’s it for today, however I’m sure there will be more in the future. At least I hope so.


Quick-fire Reviews: RHCP and Radiohead

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