Eternal Friendship of the Spotless Kind

I know this isn’t any sort of journalistic article, but I thought it fitting to post it. A poetic eulogy, of sorts, for a recently lost friend.


Today I lost a friend.
We hadn’t been friends for very long, but time doesn’t matter.
She came from up north, and the first time I saw her browny-blonde hair I fell in love. Not the sort of love where you talk, get together then split, but the sort of love that lasts a lifetime.
She was gorgeous.
I’ll never forget the look on her face whenever I made her a meal, the joy always made my day.
She was mad.
The kind of mad you discover in someone who loves the little things in life, always full of energy and forever waiting to discover new things. The best kind of mad.
She was a significant part of the reason my current partner and I are still together.
She made us realise that we did love each other, the blu-tac to our wall, the pastor to a wedding.
I don’t know what would have happened without her.
From the moment we met her we knew she was sick, but you never realise how sick someone is before they’re ripped from your reality by a cruel message.
I didn’t think she’d be gone so soon.
I’d made her lunch earlier that day.
As filled with regrets I am, as is always the case when something leaves, I’m even more filled with the most insurmountable appreciation I’ve ever felt.
I’ll never forget anything we did together.
I’m writing this just after I found out, so I would say that, but I solemnly believe it.
Where you are now, I’m sure you’ll do the exact same, you were never one to change who you were.
Goodbye best friend.
I love you.
I miss you.
I always will

Eternal Friendship of the Spotless Kind

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