Top 10 Multiple Melody Masterpieces (Well, a personal opinion)


Top 10 Songs With Multiple Distinct Melodies

For something a little different, here’s an homage to those songs that get stuck in your head, then get stuck in your head for a second time due to their brilliant ability to craft multiple memorable melodies.

10. Paranoid Android – Radiohead

This is so low (along with the next 3 songs) due to the fact it’s technically in parts, which makes it slightly less impressive, but still an incredible melodic masterclass

9. A Day In The Life – The Beatles

Another in the same boat is this wonderful Beatles track, with one of the most memorable bridges in music history

8. You and Me – Damon  Albarn ft. Brian Eno

There’ll be a theme of Damon in this list (purely because of personal bias) but this is another 2 part song, the second melody towards the end is as catchy as it is emotional

7. Sunset – Kate Bush

One you may not have heard, but this 6 minute long gem has a gorgeous up tempo melody change towards the end of the song

6. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Don’t believe me? Just listen. The verses have a hook, the pre-chorus has a hook, this whole song is hook after distinct hook. Pop gold.

5. With or Without You – U2

We all know and sing the title lyric time and again, but the repeated hook of “and you give yourself away” is perhaps even more catchy to those who know the tune

4. Sweet Song – blur

A sad song by Damon about sacked guitarist Graham Coxon, and the verses have a beautiful melodic quality, but it jumps to a new level once we hit the conclusion of the song.

3. The Lady Don’t Mind – Talking Heads

David Byrne has proven himself to be a musical genius, and this hodge-podge of sounds and noise is glorious, but the nerd in every music lover can do nothing but admire the 2 or 3 completely addictive vocal melodies

2. Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

Surprise, Damon again. This time it’s a well known song, with the rapped lyrics being melodic, the bass line and “feel good” are even more so, and the slower soft interlude is the icing on the cake. Perfection

1. Girls on the Avenue – Richard Clapton

This was the inspiration for this list, it’s quite marvellous. From line to line in the chorus the melody changes, and the verse is just as catchy. A bit of a golden oldie but catchy as anything.

-AJ Lienert

Top 10 Multiple Melody Masterpieces (Well, a personal opinion)

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