Social Media and Music – A Brief

In this day and age, music is finding it’s biggest asset is social media. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, these trends have seen songs that may have had no success otherwise become smash hits.

As far back as 2012 (I know, two years is a long time to our generation) there was the huge success of “Gangnam Style” by K-Pop artist Psy. It was huge, becoming the first video to reach 1 billion + views on YouTube, and before anyone knew what had happened, everyone knew the hook, the chorus, and the hugely popular music video (combined with the mass hysteria around the dance). But this was only the beginning, when had anyone heard of an artist being that successful coming from a foreign music scene, singing in a foreign language? Yes there have been the likes of ABBA, Nena and (dare I say) Plastic Bertrand, but the vast majority of these artists broke into the English language, and stayed there. So Psy opened the gates for the internet music revolution, and it hasn’t stopped since then. We have Ylvis, the Norwegian comedy duo who hit it big with “The Fox”, which spread faster than a victorian bushfire through the waves of the internet. There was the hugely viral trend of the “Harlem Shake”, which started from the Sunshine Coast and became one of the most viral trends of 2014. So when with this stop? To name a few more, with Darude – Sandstorm coming back and turning itself into a meme, the birth of many a successful song riding on the backs of the 7 second “Vine” videos, and the torturously twitter and Instagram inspired “#Selfie”.

In this day and age, when something starts, it doesn’t stop for about a month. It fades, but not before it becomes a worldwide fad, with millions upon millions of clicks, views and shares. Will anyone be able to pick up this trend of virility any better than U2 did with Songs of Innocence? Will there be another great Beyonce promotionless album drop? What will come of this social media trend of crappy pop music getting more successful than it should be? We’ll just have to wait and see

– AJ Lienert

Social Media and Music – A Brief

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