Top 10 Underrated Songs From Any Era

Top 10 Underrated Songs from Any Era

10 – – ELO

Coming in at #10 is an early song from the Electric Light Orchestra, Showdown which was a standout song early in their career but has been overshadowed by later hits in their disco phase.

9 – Acclaim – Avenged Sevenfold

At #9 is a song that’s a live staple in Avenged shows and a fan favourite, but is underrated by non hardcore fans or casual listeners

8 – a Cigar – Pink Floyd

This Wish You Were Here track is a classic riff driven 70’s rock song, but has been widely overshadowed by the likes of “Wish You Were Here” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” found on the same album. The Foo Fighters have also realised how rocking a song it is and have performed it live on a number of occasion.

7 – Le Monde – Crowded House

The only Australian pick on this list, it’s a later hit for the band, after their huge success in the 1990’s.  Pour Le Monde is a throw back to the easy listening hits of their earlier career but didn’t gain much spotlight given the later release date.

6 – Up The Outside World – Soundgarden

Not quite a Spoonman or Black Hole Sun, but Blow Up The Outside World is about an quintessentially grunge as you can get, yet isn’t among the highest mentioned songs of the genre.

5 – Universal – blur

Perhaps one of the crowning achievements of blur’s career is this pristine ballad, however it didn’t garner the mainstream popularity of Song 2 or Coffee and TV. This is however critically regarded as one of the bands best.

4 – Rain Song – Led Zeppelin

Arguably one of the greatest acoustic tracks of all time, this Zep ballad is a showcase of everything that made the band great, without the heavy guitar riffs or banging drums. Perhaps the heavy rock image of the band didn’t associate itself well with this track, but the success of other acoustic ballads by the band leaves a question as to why this song isn’t more regarded.

3 – – I Feel Fine The Beatles

It’s hard to believe a Beatles song could be underrated, but this early track is a beautiful pop-rocker from the fab 4. A track that introduced the use of feedback in a song, and a Ticket To Ride-esque riff, this is perhaps one of the best examples of a classic simple 60’s pop/rock.

2 – in Vain – The Clash

From the smash hit album London Calling, this experimental punk number is one of the finest displays of The Clash’s musical ability, ability to experiment with numbers genres and their songwriting ability. This motown inspired song is one of the standouts of the bands entire career, however the less punky sound of the song didn’t gain the respect it so deserves.

1 – of Surrender – U2

From their 2009 release No Line on The Horizon, this epic U2 track is perhaps the greatest song the band has ever released. With musical depth and experimentation, hugely introspective lyrics and a sensational ability to draw the listener in and evoke real thought, this song is the greatest song with very little respect or commercial success for it.

~AJ Lienert

Top 10 Underrated Songs From Any Era

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