Beck – Waking Light – Single Review

After an extended hiatus our favourite anti-folk alt rocker is back, and although we haven’t been waiting long for the second single from Beck’s 25th of Febuary release Morning Phase, it’s still managed to grab peoples attention. Waking Light is a soulful ballad that manages to capture the alternative feel of Beck’s discography while carefully crafting a strongly emotional tune, which will appeal to even the most mainstreams of audiences.
The slow tune starts off how you might expect, with synth and piano, before Beck’s deep and placid vocals take you though the first verse; his eerie and slightly mysterious lyrics taking you through a journey full of memories and emotions. The chorus takes it up another level, with a soulful melody that leaves you feeling calm and collected, while also anticipating what he’ll be up to next.

Although some of the die hard alternative Beck fans might not be excited by this more mellow tune, there’s no doubt that the folk edge is still there, and while there isn’t any real experimentation with obscure sounds or techniques as found in some of his other works, the edge of a late electronic solo and fade does enough to satisfy the need. Much like similar songs by Coldplay or Crowded House, it isn’t however boring, you get the feeling that the song always has somewhere more to go, and when it gets to the beautiful climax of the piece it leaves you wanting to just hit the replay button and again pick up the intense feeling of yearning and remembrance.

A perfect balance of alternative rock sound, profound lyricism and stellar vocals make Waking Light enjoyable experience, and that’s what it is, an experience that Beck gives you, as any good ballad should, that has the appeal to last in the minds of people and reach its way into the charts, playlists and iPods of a mainstream audience who should eat this tune up like any other of it’s sort.

-AJ Lienert

Beck – Waking Light – Single Review

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