U2 – No Line on the Horizon – Review

This is an old piece of work, however the sentiments are perfectly sound and reflect my thoughts as they are currently

As far as I’m concerned, this is by far U2’s best work. This album is what happens when a great rock group collaborates with one of the great musical minds of the 70’s and they decide to do something less mainstream, and release it right when music needed it the most. This is the Essential U2 album. This album (along with my 7th favourite) are my choices of the top albums in the 2000’s. The album starts with the eponymous No Line on the Horizon, which is a very light hearted introduction to the album, using all of the technique and skill that U2 have, and adding all of the ambient sound of Eno, and it creates not only a song that is cheerful and simple, but sounds good in all forms, whether live or recorded. Magnificent is what its name says, magnificent. It’s a love song with a difference, It’s not all lovey dovey like most are, but it’s got a wonderfully simple melody, in depth lyrics that say more than just “I Love You” and some beautiful production that makes you feel like there is nothing but music around you. Moment of Surrender is the song of the decade. It’s profound lyrics are so baffling, because many of the lyrics are things that are so ordinary, and happen in real life, with a philosophical twist to them. And the way that each of the instruments compliment one another, the soft yet cutting bass line, the simple but effective drum beat, and the ambient organ in the background which makes it so very Eno. The chilling melody and the complimentary guitar work only add to the pureness of this Ballad, that I am calling one of the greatest ballads since One. Unknown Caller is a laugh after a series of more serious songs, but it’s not an easy song to listen to. Its harmonies are quite harsh, the melody may not be desirable as other songs, but it’s good none the less. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight is that song that you listen to because it is the only song that you want to listen to. It’s so catchy it’s almost undesirable, but it isn’t. It’s completely desirable. This song is the song you do want in your head the whole day, the melody is fantastic, the chorus is beautiful, the guitar work is absolutely stunning, and the engineering and production is as good as it can get. It is a beautiful song. As a lead single, Get On Your Boots is a great song. It hits you hard with a riff that is so simple it’s hard to believe no one had thought of it yet, and some very skillful drumming. Yet again the way U2 and Eno use some very intriguing sounds to broaden the overall texture. Also, The Edge’s backing vocals are great as ever. Stand Up Comedy is another song with an incredible riff, and the same tone as unknown caller, more of a comedic song, but it does have a fantastic message to it. The way that U2 manage to fit such strong morals and messages into such light hearted songs is very impressive, and this song shows their front running prowess in innovation and creativity. Fez – Being Born is the most interesting song on the album. It proves that Eno is still in his prime, because the amount of ambient music in this piece resembles so much his earlier work. Also there are very few lyrics in the song, meaning Bono’s vocals only compliment the wall of beautiful sound that they have masterfully created. White as Snow is a chilling tale told exquisitely through a wonderful melody, and great instrumentation predominantly by The Edge. It is such and amazing song lyrically that you can’t help but love it for what it is. Breathe is a wonderful song which expresses the utmost hilarity of life, and when I say this is a comedic song I really do mean it. It is so absurd that you’ll listen to it again and again and reborn. It is the most wack song that any non psychedelic band has ever produced, AND IT’S GOOD! U2 really have done something incredible on this record. And finally, Cedars of Lebanon, a perfect way to close the album, it’s a philosophical masterpiece, with such simple instrumentation and a drop dead gorgeous and simple melody. It’s a wonderfully crafted song to finish a wonderful album. All in all this is where U2 have gone after a 5 year hiatus, and by god was it good, producing one of the stand out albums of the decade, and one of the most outstanding ballads of all time. A little different but very simple, unless you look at the Enossification. Overall, great but not for everyone. 4.3/5

– AJ Lienert

U2 – No Line on the Horizon – Review

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