Here’s a recent Interview with Auliciems, a alt-folk duo from Brisbane, Australia.

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How long did it actually take you to get this EP finished?

Liam: I recorded in in February, then I sorta sat on it for a while, I was like eh, maybe I’ll do something with it. And then I had to work out how to physically make it. I had a friend who made hers by putting a sticker on it, so I found the covers, they’re actually wedding invitation envelopes and I liked the string seal at the back, so I stuck a sticker on the front and yeah. I was trying to get a graphic designer but they’re just unreliable fucking people, you just go “This is what I want to do” and they’re just “Yeah I’ll get round to that” then days keep rolling by and nothing. So most of it is my artwork and drawings scanned into the computer. Once I knew how to make the background go away I was like alright, easy.

The EP was all independently released and recorded, so how much did you want the physical copies of the release to reflect that?

Liam: I recorded it at my old school, do you know that band Drawn from Bees? The guitarist from them recorded it and his studio’s insane. His fetish is like pre-amps and stuff and he has this other weird software he uses after pro tools and it just makes everything sound great. It’s like the cockpit of an aeroplane almost. So it took a bit.

Are you happy with how it turned out?

Liam: Yeah, I reckon. I was trying to find a way to print onto CD’s cause I didn’t want a blank disc in there, it would be pretty shit, so I ordered bits from Canberra and shit to get it all sorted. We actually printed a booklet as well.

Caleb: The parts came in pretty quick though, you said you’d ordered them and then within a week they were here.

Liam: So I tried to print it out to get the sort of brown paper colour, then did the artwork on it, but it came out sort of salmon pink without any of the definition, and that looked shit, so the early versions of the EP were all salmon pink. Then I found paper that actually looked like that and I could print directly onto it, so that made it easy.

After recording the EP in February, how much busking and playing did you do?

Liam: We’ve been busking at West End Markets and before that I was playing under another name, Liam David but that was a bit boring, and I had early versions of some of the songs but it wasn’t really anything to go nuts about, so I was doing it for a bit then I decided to stop and completely re-image myself. So before I even got into anything, we’ve only really gotten into gigging now, before I did that I did everything a bit opposite. I got everything sorted, graphic design, recordings, promo pictures and stuff all ready before I even went out with it. Before that I was trying to get gigs and people were asking if I had promo photos, graphic design or recordings, I was like “No, but they’re on the way”. It kinda makes you sound a but small time.

Now you’ve released the EP, what’s the reception been like?

Liam: From what we’ve got back, it’s been pretty good. Of course family and friends and things have been like “Oh, it’s awesome” and stuff like that, but some randoms even have said some great things. We got this comment [on our FB page].

Caleb: He said something about how he wish he’d had more gold than the dollar he’d donated to buy the EP. He was pretty into it.

So finally, how would you describe yourself, your music and this EP in 3 words?

Caleb: Um, I’d have to say Fun, Energetic and Free. But that’s really what it is. I have a lot of fun with it, and I find it is really energetic, when we play the songs it’s easy to get up and really get into it. And then I guess free, we’re not really restricted to any one genre, a little bit of anything.

Liam: Definitely, those 3 words fit perfectly.


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